Consumer Research

Consumer Research

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Consumer Market Research Services

Intelligent project design

We start each new project by making sure we fully understand your objectives and take account of any useful insights from previous research. We can then begin to identify the best way to deliver your objectives.

We offer both traditional and online qualitative and quantitative research techniques. This allows us to choose the best tools for the project.  Our aim is to deliver rich  consumer insights to help you  understand your customers needs, perceptions and expectations and build a satisfying relationship with your customer.

Bringing experience to bear and thinking ahead

When developing the project structure we use our experience of similar projects to deliver research that is cost effective and insightful.  Research cannot guarantee that the  new product, concept or brand communication will be accepted by the consumer and we try to think ahead to ensure that we can provide direction and insight that doesn’t result in your starting from scratch.

For example in a recent project we recruited respondents who were prepared to attend recall groups online. This provided the opportunity to explore further developments using a national sample of diverse ages and social classes at short notice and at a lower cost than repeating face to face groups.

Because the face to face groups  had been recruited to profile we could select the best contributors for recall providing a high quality online group who went on to contribute great insights to the development project.

In other projects we have created an iterative structure to the fieldwork, allowing time between focus groups and depth interviews to review and build on the insights in subsequent discussions.

Intelligent consumer insights and path finding recommendations

In all projects we aim to combine creative thinking to provide an innovative project structure that engages the respondents and delivers intelligent consumer insights and path finding recommendations. Every project is managed from start to finish by an experienced consultant. All recruitment is undertaken by our own skilled recruitment team.

The quality of the research results Resolution Marketing provide has been invaluable in engaging our customer base and identifying clear opportunities for future sales growth and brand development. A refreshing change in today’s market research arena.

Paul F, Global Product Manager, Car Care