What we offer

What we offer

Consultancy and consumer research services for consumer goods companies

Resolution Marketing offers strategic planning consultancy and market research specialising in consumer markets. We  have undertaken projects in a wide range of product sectors including food & drink, fashion & jewellery, toys, automotive, home services, pubs and restaurants, traditional and online retailing. We have worked on both branded and private label projects for large multinationals and smaller businesses embarking on their journey to success. 

Our services

  • Consultancy services for long term strategic planning, product development, brand development and  communications.
  • We design and implement  research projects to provide valuable consumer insight to help you maximise the potential of your brands and products.
  • Mentoring services to help companies develop and nurture marketing staff. This can be on a one to one basis or as bespoke training modules.
  • Provide a temporary or semi permanent  Marketing Director during recruitment gaps or whilst the business is going through change or rapid growth.

Designing projects to inspire and deliver resultsInspiration

When working on strategic planning projects we start by considering the skills needed to execute the project and bring a team together that can deliver excellence and expertise to your business. On research projects we design the project by considering what insights you need to drive your project forward and select the best fit methodologies to deliver these insights.

Presenting findings and recommendations

lf its a research project or advising on strategic plans and execution our aim is to convey information that is easy to understand and thought provoking. We don’t want to baffle our audience with jargon. We aim to engage and inspire our clients providing the confidence and knowledge to unlock the potential in their business.

We care about delivering a fantastic service that makes a difference to our clients business

Before starting work with you we would make sure we understand your needs and because each situation is different we tailor make the solution. We draw on our depth of experience to make sure the solution fits your needs.  We are fortunate that many of our clients have worked with us on a variety of  projects over several years and we try to build on our understanding of their business with each subsequent project.

Sometimes there is more than one way of achieving your objectives but one solution may require more time or may cost more. In such a situation we will explain each option and the benefits and drawbacks associated with each so that you can make an informed decision.

We understand that sometimes questions arise once the project is launched. We remain on hand to help clients get the most out of the work we have undertaken when these situations arise be that several months after the delivery of the report.