Brand Development

Brand Development

A brand is a dynamic entity. Consumers’  perceptions of a brand can change as a result of outside influences as well as the actions of the brand owner. So it is important to understand the current perceptions of the brand to understand the  potential.

Let’s start with what we know

When working on a brand development project we begin by auditing the current information and identifying the knowledge gaps. We may propose additional  Branding  Research to provide you with information that helps you understand your brand position and it’s flexibility. With this information you can then take decisions to enhance and build your brand.

Building confidence and knowledge as well as building a brand

We believe an important part of this process is understanding how your team works so that we can develop a project structure that allows the team to capitalise on the outputs and feel confident putting the implementation plan in place. We often create multi disciplinary working parties not just to capture creativity and knowledge from across the organisation but also to develop a wider understanding of the brand values and personality.

Smarter thinking

At Resolution Marketing we aim to stimulate and challenge your understanding of your brand and it’s competitors and inspire you to develop a brand investment strategy that will ensure your brand stays relevant to consumer needs and profits from the investments you make. This doesn’t mean big investment but does require smarter thinking. William Kendall, founder of the Covent Garden Soup Company, one of the first branded ready meal products to be listed by major supermarkets started with no marketing budget but used smart lateral thinking to create a three dimensional PR story for this successful brand. When he later bought Green & Black’s chocolate from Whole Earth Foods he repeated the process to create a reputation that prompted people to arrive at a dinner party with a bar of Green & Blacks rather than the regular box of chocolates. Speaking at a CIM Food, Drink & Agriculture Group Event in September 2010 he explained. 

Examples of projects we have worked on:

  • Brand stretch
  • Evaluation of a new brand
  • Market segmentation
  • Brand Health check

 The key was to have a view on everything and allow people to taste the chocolate and then tell their friends. Building foot soldiers for the brand was key and having a good story to tell on the inside of the wrappers or wherever else we could gain publicity helped us build the brand 

William Kendall