Brand Vitality Check

Brand Vitality Check

A Healthy Brand = Healthy profits

Maintaining a healthy brand means that your brand is alive, vital and maintaining relevance for it’s fans. But how do you know that your brand is in good health and stays healthy.

Measuring brand share and sales volumes are part of the process but understanding the brand’s relationship with the market and consumers is important to continued health.

Putting control in your hands

Resolution Marketing has developed a process to help you stay in control. We combine research and analysis with tailor made creative problem solving and mentoring exercises to help clients understand the current position of their brand and put a plan in place to ensure that it stays vital. We call this process a Brand Vitality Check. It puts the brand guardians in control and helps them keep the brand alive and relevant by helping build stronger, deeper relationships with the consumer. It also provides a monitoring framework so that they can keep check on the vital signs.

Bespoke Project design

Marketing Consultancy ServicesBecause each brand and it’s relationship in the marketplace is unique we create a tailor made solution. This is based on our experience and tried and tested tools but we choose the most appropriate tools for the circumstances. Each project is managed by one or more consultant who can provide the experience and knowledge of the business sector and key issues.

The process starts with an initial review and discussion to establish the status quo and the measurement tools already in place. From this we can then design a project that is suited to the needs of the brand and the company. 

A Flexible approach

We aim to be flexible in our approach. For some clients we work on a discrete project with a report and recommendations concluding the process. For others we have been retained to provide additional resource to help implement a strategic plan. For some companies we have provided training to help develop the marketing team.



Vitality n. the state of being strong and active; ability to endure; the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things


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