Category Management

Category Management

A strategic tool at the heart of profitable retailing

In a sophisticated and competitive retail universe understanding shopper needs can make the difference between a profitable category that positively attracts consumers and a lacklustre category that fails to maximise consumer spend and drains resources and profitability. Category management is a strategic activity at the heart of profitable retailing and can strengthen the relationship between retailer and supplier. 

Working in partnership with retailers and private label suppliers

Resolution Marketing has worked directly for retailers and in partnership with private label suppliers and retailers to deliver insightful understanding of consumer to develop category plans. This has involved the analysis of continuous tracking data, the design of research programmes to capture insights that shed light on shopper behaviour and consumer needs and the creation of workshops to enable the development of category plans. We like to use a consultative approach to encourage ownership and build confidence and knowledge within the team We can work with you in both the planning and implementation stages of category management.  

Developing 360° insight programmes

Shopper researchWe can develop programmes to identify consumers perceptions of which products fit within a category – identifying commonalities of usage occasions, product type, shopper type.  We create  programmes to identify the influences on shopper engagement – customer needs, shopper missions, shopper behaviour and influences.
Our portfolio of research services allows us to create a 360° view of shopper needs and behaviour combining observational techniques, eye tracking and facial coding, in store intercepts and group discussions and creative workshops. We apply creative thinking to project design to deliver insights that help you understand how best to capitalise on consumer needs and behaviour and the perceptions they have of the category within the target retailer.

Case Studies

We would be happy to share case studies with you that illustrate how intelligent consumer insight has changed category performance.