Communications Audit

Communications Audit

Harnessing the power of customer conversations

Are your consumers hearing your brand message?

Communications researchWe talk to our customers in many ways but are we sure that they hear and see what we think we are communicating? Assuming they understand us can be dangerous and wasteful.

Social Marketing Friend or Foe?

As social media becomes part of everyday communications it can be nurtured as a friend but if mismanaged or not managed can become a rapid conduit for negative brand messages. We can probably all think of examples were thanks to You Tube one poor customer experience has been transmitted around the globe. The question all brand marketeers need to answer is – do I understand how my brand is perceived and do I have a strategy in place to manage the brand reputation across all communications channels and engage with my consumers?

Communications or confusion?

Communications auditWho in your organisation talks about the brand? Is it the marketing department who control the brand communications or do other people impact on how the brand is perceived? The intentions may be pure but if people don’t understand the ambitions or essence of the brand or don’t realise how their messages are received by the brand’s customers they may be diluting or confusing the brand the message. Allowing more to proactively respond to customer queries can be very positive but everyone who talks to consumers needs to understand their responsibilities and the ambitions for and the essence  of the brand.

Concerned you may be speaking Greek?

A Resolution Marketing Communications audit helps to identify if you are expressing yourself in a language your consumers understands. We can also help develop a communication strategy that allows you to embrace the positive opportunities for social media offers for opening a conversation with your consumer and ensure that everyone within the organisation with responsibility for interacting with your consumers is speaking the right language.