Eye Tracking Research

Eye Tracking Research

Eye Tracking Research

Understanding the shopper and user experience

Over the last 14 years we have worked with clients developing new brands, products and category plans and we have found that there are occasions when consumer behaviour does not reflect the consumer’s description of what they see or what they do.  Eye Tracking  provides an additional tool to help us understand what catches a respondent’s attention, what holds their attention and how their gaze travels. This provides valuable information that we can use to probe behaviour and provide  insights to assist the designer, advertising agency or merchandiser. 

Inside the human brain

Eye Tracking allows us to see what the consumer sees helping you understand the shopper experience instore,  how they browse a menu and understand what elements of print and TV advertising they relate to or if the web design planned provides a satisfying user experience. 

Resolution Marketing offer a complete set of quantitative and qualitative methodologies including instore intercept interviews, fixture and ethnographic observation, video vox pop, interviews conducted at a mock-up fixture in a hall, qualitative depth and focus groups conducted online or face to face. Eye Tracking can be combined as an element of any of these methods to add an extra dimension of understanding.

Unparalled Accuracy & Powerful Analysis

Whilst eye tracking technology has been available for some time, many of the eye trackers have proved to be inaccurate in recording what consumers are focussing on. We partner with THINK Eye Tracking who provide us with eye tracking equipment that delivers unparalleled accuracy.

Eye Tracking ResearchUsing the eye tracker mounted on customised glasses we can add a new dimension to an accompanied shop or fixture interviews.

Using a fixed eye tracker embedded in a screen or a on a separate stand we can set respondents tasks to view mock-ups of fixtures, new designs, adverts or web sites so that you can understand how they react to your brand and products.

The software is fast and efficient and can provide a range of metrics including heatmaps to show what and where they focus, gaze plots that chart the order and path in which they view images and the number of fixations each element generates. Results are available within 24 hours allowing us to offer an iterative programme that allows designers to make changes quickly based on results and retest the effect of those changes.

Eye tracking combined with expert moderation and quality recruitment

Resolution Marketing can recruit consumers in most locations across the UK and we have researchers trained to conduct both quantitative and qualitative interviews that incorporate eye tracking. With a choice of equipment we can be flexible on location using halls, viewing facilities or store locations.

We can combine an eye tracking task interview with a depth discussion that includes mind mapping to understand perceptions of a brand before and after exposure to new stimulus. We can use it to understand the shopping behaviour within a category or to compare and contrast shopping in different areas of a store. Resolution Marketing offers 360˚ insight on your brand, product and categories so that you can make business decisions you are confident in.

Eye tracking helps us show you how your consumers view your products and communications through