Online surveys and focus groups

Online surveys and focus groups

Engaging consumers in their homes

Online Market ResearchOnline surveys and focus groups are another tool to help us to engage respondents to provide an understanding of their thinking.

There are occasions when a traditional face to face interview is either too difficult to achieve or the costs of locating the consumers is too high. A well constructed online interview conducted with the target audience allows us to capture accurate data and insights from a cross section of the population quickly and effectively.

Innovative survey software

We have developed online survey software that can be programmed with conditional routing that ensures  the respondent only answers the questions that are pertinent to them and their previous answers. This keeps the questionnaire short ensuring the respondent doesn’t become bored. The survey is designed to provide a satisfying experience for the respondent – we can include stimulus materials and we can create interactive questions. An interesting and easy to use survey increases completion rates which maximising the return on investment in respondent names.Online surveys & focus groups

Online surveys using carefully recruited respondent panels are a fast and efficient way to collect valuable data. We have used this method to deliver cost effective and yet highly complex Usage and Attitude surveys, diary panels and home placement studies. We can also use the survey software in selected hall environments where recruitment criteria are difficult, there are lot of stimulus materials, there is complex routing or we have a very tight time table. The method is versatile and accurate. Topline results can be provided within hours of the close of the survey and clients can access live results as the survey is in progress.

Online qualitative research

Online research is not confined to quantitative research. We also offer online qualitative research. We can run focus groups or depth interviews  online with live discussion and we can also run online bulletin board focus groups and multiple depth interviews where respondents access the online discussion topics at a time convenient to them. The method we choose depends upon the topic and the audience.

In both cases we can include stimulus materials and include polls and mini quantitative surveys. Clients can listen in to online groups in the same way as watching a group discussion in a viewing facility. In addition we can provide written transcripts within hours of the group completion and provide full analysis within days of the close of the survey.

Online discussion groups can be combined with a previous stage of traditional research to provide follow up sessions for an evolving concept development.

Continuous research

Online methods are a very cost effective way to maintain a continuous panel and we provide a panel management service for our clients. We can also dovetail an online community into an existing website to recruit users and build a brand conversation that allows clients to talk to their product users and understand their needs and feelings.