Product Development

Product Development

Real Life Experience

We have considerable experience working with companies developing individual products and creating successful product development programmes.

Our consultants have experience client side developing and launching successful new products as well as working in an agency environment. This provides practical experience of the manufacturing environment. We have particular skills in creative thinking and problem solving which helps clients tap into idea generation.

Creating Solid Foundations

We provide an integrated structure to the development process – from  concept creation, testing and development through to launch. We employ our skills in creative problem solving and team building to create a programme that involves the client’s team. Our objective is to build the skills of your team so that they are self reliant and confident in their abilities.

Testing & Evaluation

Concept & product Development Ideas

Once the product development programme has created concepts our research skills come to the fore. We employ a range of techniques to test and build on the ideas and take them to the next stage. This stage of testing is useful in understanding the appeal of concepts, fit with the brand but can also identify possible new avenues for the future and flag up issues that need to be addressed in the merchandising, packaging and communication required for a successful launch.  

Ongoing Support

We have provided project management to supplement an under resourced team and kick start a development programme. For other clients we have worked through concept development and testing and later provided ongoing mentoring or consultancy support to assist the team through the implementation process.

In addition to our regular consultants we can draw on a knowledge base of specialists such as home economists, development technologists and packaging technologists. Our consultants have particular skills in food and drink, home wares, fashion, mother and baby and car care.