Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Identify, Analyse, Inspire

Research ObjectivesIdentify the objectives

When we undertake a project that requires a qualitative research approach we begin by considering your objectives and the budget and time frame we need to work within. We feel it is also important to consider a project in the context of what has gone before and the journey you wish to follow going forward including the financial impact of the project on your business.

Face to Face or Online?

We can provide traditional face to face focus groups and depth interviews as well as their online focus groups and depths. In designing the project we will recommend which is the best option as each offers different benefits. Our aim is to recommend the best solution for your needs.

Qualitative research relies on a combination of top class recruitment, quality project design, intelligent moderation and insightful evaluation of the respondents discussion.

Whatever the methodology the design and moderation of the topic guide is key. We use creativity to develop exercises that engage and relax respondents and maximise output. If appropriate we will assign pre-or post group homework and incorporate mini ethnographic studies or product placements. Experienced skilled  moderators conduct the groups to ensure we mine the maximum insights from respondents and manage  group dynamics.

To deliver top class recruitment we start by agreeing the recruitment profile. Our trained recruiters are tasked with finding the appropriate respondents who meet the profile, as however good the project design and moderation is it will fail if the incorrect respondents are interviewed. We check recruitment against the profile and manage the quality performance of recruiters.

Experienced consultants provide quality & reassuranceExperience counts

Every project is managed from start to finish by a skilled and experienced research professional. Our consultants combine experience in an agency environment and board level experience client side.  This experience experience helps us add value, providing inspirational and commercial recommendations.

What we offer


  • Face to Face Focus Groups
  • Depth Interviews
  • Friendship Pairs
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups

  • Eye Tracking
  • Accompanied Shopping
  • Diary Panels
  • Video Depth Interviews
  • Behavioural Observation